[ the future is vintage ]

Let me just begin by saying that I’ve never had so much fun taking pictures as I did with this “future is vintage” mini-shoot. Everything just seemed to fall into place and the weather was for once in complete compliance – just sunny and windy enough. I’ve had this YA-YA open-back maxi dress for a few years now, but today was my first time wearing its sash tie belt tied into a bow in the back instead of a knot in the front. Because of the relatively loud statement necklace, I wanted to simplify and clean up the rest of the ensemble while keeping the look boho-chic. This is were the leather flat sandals and the silk scarf came in. I wrapped the scarf over my head for a complete “summer in Dubai” feel and then intensified this theme with easy flat sandals.

I remember telling my bro, Taras, that the inspiration behind this look was this image I had of what it would be like to vacation in hot Dubai in the summer. I imagined myself sitting in some smoky canopy patio of a Dubai caffe, lounging in this dress with my head thrown back – just hanging out in the heat like a lazy sloth, chilling in the sweat of it all. This image seemed so fabulous and exotic until Taras had to kill it for me by saying, “I don’t think this get up would go over too well in Dubai. The only realistic part of that story is the one about heat and sweatiness.” Oh well, he is probably right, but the image was still inspirational while it lasted.

What I’m wearing:

  • Open-back silk maxi dress by “YA-YA Aflalo”
  • Sandals by “Sigerson Morrison”
  • Necklace by “Ligia Dias”
  • Silk scarf by “Filippa K”
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32 Replies to “[ the future is vintage ]”

  1. as always an awesome outfit lida!!!the sandals are great,thx for the close up!u got nie feet by the way:-)
    also congratulations to your opera outfit would love to see it in the vienniese opera house, mostly black there ;-)mozart would have loved it
    greetings michel

    1. Thank you so much Michael. I would love the experience of going to a Vienniese opera myself. I try to go to the opera in every country I travel too (except for the tropics of course :).

  2. I second the comment about you being a model….you are a natural–these poses are gorgeous! It looks like you have some kind of background in dance…

    1. Oh thanks. I've danced all my life and I did gymnastics when i was younger, but once my family and i immigrated to Canada I pretty much stopped training in both those areas. It's nice to hear that it still somehow comes across though.
      Thank you again,
      Love, Lida

  3. I love this look! So floaty and summery! Your head wrap finishes the look perfectly. This is my favorite look of the month.

  4. I really like this look. it's so breezy and feminine, perfect for the summer. Would be a wonderful dress on an exotic vacation.

  5. I really like this look. it's so breezy and feminine, perfect for the summer. Would be a wonderful dress on an exotic vacation. (tweeting this)

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