[ sangria ]

The beautiful weather, dad’s  steaks, my mom’s delicious cooking , and the bucket size dish of sangria quickly turned Taras’s birthday get together into a lively barbecue fiesta. Taras modified the recipe for the sangria, with the base being comprised of rhubarb compote (fresh from the garden) – sort of a Russian take on a Spanish classic. He then added gin, red wine, maple syrup, and lots of raspberries. You could tell it was  made with love…insanely delicious. The sangria just kept pouring and pouring to the sound of the Buena Vista Social Club. If it wasn’t for all the leaf trees I might have forgotten for moment that I was in Canada.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “Chloe”
  • Pumps by “Betsey Johnson”
  • 2 tri-skull rings by “Alexander McQueen”
  • 3 zip bangle by “Luc Kieffer”
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13 Replies to “[ sangria ]”

  1. You're so pretty. Do you model at all or are you just a grad student? What are you studying? You have such beautiful dress too, how do you afford all those name brands? I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I'm just very interested.

    1. No problem, I will address each question in order I guess. Other than the little blog photo-shoots, I don't really model at all – modelling was never something that really appealed to me. I love well made, beautiful clothes and finding them at discounted prices has become something of a hobby over the years. I don't remember the last time I paid regular price for anything – quite frankly I wouldn't really be able to pay original price for it even if I tried. I've acquired my designer collection over many years, one piece at a time. In case you are wondering, I pay for all of it myself. Let me know if you are curious about anything else ;).

  2. Hi Lida,
    I am from Australia and have just discovered your blog! And what an inspiration it is! You have immpecable taste and accessorise beautifully. I'd love to see more of your videos, maybe you could do one on wardrobe start up – investment on key pieces?? Will you be doing more videos in the future?? Are you a fashion stylist by trade?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the blog. It's so nice to hear that you find it inspirational – made me smile. I'm taking a break from videos for now because making and editing them was so time consuming. I love the topic you suggested though, I will definitely dedicated at least a written post to it. I will be moving soon so I'm not sure how it will work with videos for the next little while. I am not a fashion stylist at all; just a girl who spends most of her free time thinking about and following fashion. My grad studies are in a field completely unrelated to fashion, or anything aesthetic for that matter ;). Fashion is only my hobby for now.
      Love, Lida

  3. I think your outfit is fabulous! I love how you accessorize an outfit so well and can I also just say that the sangria looks SOOOOO yummy. I hope you enjoyed the hot summer-ish day in Toronto yesterday and today!

    1. I am really enjoying them. It's so beautiful that I hardly know what to do with my self…don't want to miss anything :). We got so lucky with the weather for Taras's birthday because it was supposed to rain that day. Yeah, the sangria was amazing – could hardly taste the alcohol in it even though it had a pretty decent portion in there.
      Enjoy today's hot weather Robin!!!

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