[ the chiffonery of Alberta Ferretti ]

Before I get into details, I might as well begin by declaring my unyielding love for Alberta Ferretti. Some of the more attentive readers might have already assumed as much from the title, but in the interest of keeping things clear and simple I’m officially ‘coming out of the closet’ with this (sort of speak). I love her romantic approach to the female aesthetic. For example, what can be more delicate and feminine than her chiffon fluttery frocks in pale palette of lingerie pinks, ivory, and cloudy beiges. And when she added those gorgeous elements of embroidered flowers in her 2010 Spring collection, how could a girl resist?

As Sarah Mower of Style.com has pointed out, “fluttery chiffon, a dressy princess coat, and a quietly pretty event dress” are the things Ferretti does very well. Her designs may not be risque or edgy but to me their softness and delicacy carries a tone of subtle, sophisticated sexiness that transcends any attempts at trendiness. My couture collection started with an Alberta Ferretti dress, and it was through her clothes that my appreciation for high-fashion pieces grew. I thing I will always have a soft spot for Alberta.

*Here I’ve compiled some of my favorite designs from her spring collections. Aren’t they divine?

(in the future I will do a separate inspiration post on her Philosophy line)


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