[ the shell game ]

My day started pleasant and slow enough, but turned into a “marathon” right after breakfast on our practically shadeless backyard patio. First it was the yogafusion, which seemed more intense and painful than ever. From class I drove straight to my hair appointment, bank appointment, auto body shop, grocery store, and then straight home to get ready for the last opera of the season, sushi, and now the post. The 34C and humidity didn’t exactly help the matter but in the end it was an amazing day actually. My little car and I got to spend some quality time together – windows down, old-school hip-hop  tunes, the breeze. By the way, apparently today’s Toronto weather broke records for the highest temperatures on May 26 since 1937. I’m glad my Acura and I were there to witness this historic warming moment.

I called today’s look “the shell game” because of its unconventional statement piece. My crafty mama made this immoderately long shell necklace from about 5 regular sized necklaces bought on our last family trip to Cuba. Originally they all came in single tones and we had the idea of mixing together the colours and the necklaces themselves into one long, colourful piece. We couldn’t find much use for them in their original state because, quite frankly, they looked a little too boring and safe. When I saw the end-result I couldn’t wait to put it to use and today’s weather and summer vibe presented the perfect opportunity.

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton dress by “Graham & Spencer”
  • Straw pumps by “Betsey Johnson”
  • Tri-skull ring by “Alexander McQueen”
  • Long shell necklace (my mom made from multiple Cuban shell necklaces)
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13 Replies to “[ the shell game ]”

  1. Wow! Another maxi dress. Cute, easy-breezy, chic…this is how I can describe your outfit. Yesterday I wrote that I'm going to buy a maxi dress, unfortunately I didn't found the perfect length for me. I have a question: don't you stumble because of the length of the dress? This length is comfortable?
    Thanks for the answer, and I'm waiting on tender hooks to see your next daily outfit :).

    1. Sometimes I do stumble a little but it really depends on the type of shoes you are wearing the maxi with and on the exact length of the dress. If the maxi is long enough to cover the shoes and almost touches the ground (which is how I like to wear it) I noticed that wearing heels can be a bit problematic at times because they sometimes catch on to the fabric when you walk and end up pulling on it. This happen with the “in the land of chiffon and metal” dress when I wore it a few days ago. The next time I'll pair it with wedges because that should eliminate that problem. If the dress is a bit shorter, like in the “all kinds of purple” look, stumbling is no longer a problem. But I would still just get a long maxi (less than an inch from the ground) and then wear it with wedges. Thanks for asking Szabo.

  2. What a great idea to mix the necklaces together! Your mother and you are very creative! I love this post. The look is beautiful but I found the text in the post especially interesting since I am also in Toronto and know EXACTLY what you mean with regards to the humidity and the heat yesterday…it was absolutely gorgeous! I enjoyed time in the car with windows down and also listening to old school music…. enjoy today, it is supposed to be equally as nice as yesterday…

    1. Yeah, I was just having breakfast outside again and it's crazy hot. We were planning on going to the Russian spa (banya) as usual on Thursdays but I'm now considering just going to the beach for a while. Don't want to miss the opportunity to enjoy this heat.

  3. You look stunning in this beautiful white dress. The necklace works amazingly well. What an idea! We got hit also by a heat wave in the Northeast of the United States. This year the weather has been really troublesome.

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