beach bum

We began our second day in LA with the breakfast of champions – spicy fajitas and beer. The rest of the day consisted of bumming around the Manhattan beach and then getting to now the Sunset Blvd. I wanted to feel relaxed and comfortable so I layered one lemon coloured loose top over another and finished the look off with my linen shorts and nude platforms – easy, breezy.

What I’m wearing:

  • Modal/cashmere top by “Line”
  • Top by “Fluxus for Holt Renfrew”
  • Leather platforms by “Marciano” (last seen in June 2’10)
  • Tri-skull rings by “Alexander McQueen” (last seen in May 24’10)
  • Reversible cloth bag by “Xpat”
  • Bikini by “David Corral”
  • Linen shorts by “Marciano”
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27 Replies to “beach bum”

  1. Hello beautiful!
    Let me say that you are so lucky to get to travel at this beautiful summer time…I, luckily, have one more week of school, which pretty much consists of one major project, and I will be able to enjoy summer to maximum.Love the photograph where you jump, so artistic:)
    Is it just me or you higlighted your eyes with a silver kind of colour?I love it, it really opens up your eyes.I've tried it a couple of times too, but apparantely I am not that much into make-up.Or I do not have enough ingterest yet.

    1. Yes I add a light highlight colour at the corners of the eye and underneath the brow. When I get back to Toronto, I plan on making a post about how I do my eyes because I've been getting quite a few requests for that. Stay tuned for that dear Ruxandra.

  2. OMG that lemon color looks good on you. I want to give you 100% credit for how great you look in the pictures, and another 100% to the photographer. Is it still your Dad?

    1. My friend Alex actually took these pics and most of the other pictures in the past while were taken by my mom. I get everyone involved :)!!

  3. Saw you featured on Weardrobe, and so glad I decided to stop by. I absolutely love your style! I just spent some time browsing your previous posts, and thank you so much for all the style inspiration! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  4. I love the last 3 pictures, you look like pictures from a catalog!! Love love love, my favorite pictures so far. Beautiful ! Did you go to San Fransisco while in California?

    1. I went to San Francisco last time I was in Cali, which was about two month ago. This time we are just doing LA – love California!!! I'm glad you like the pics and it's interesting to hear that the last 3 are your favourite pictures. Good to know :).

  5. You are gorgeous, that's my first thought when I came to this blog (saw you through weardrobe. Congrats for being blogger of the month, by the way!). I like how you dress, too, seems effortless but chic. Nice!

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