[ flower swimming ]

I’m back in Toronto, and as nice as it is to be home, I already miss “the Golden State.” I have tons of unpacking to do and somehow on this rainy day, I can find a million “more important” activities to get to (lol, you know what they say about procrastination). As you might have gathered from the last two looks, I’m really feeling bold prints at the moment; first the running zebra and now this exotic chica. And speaking of zebras, on our last day in LA we drove by this peculiar sign that got me thinking. What exactly do they mean by the quotation marks around “dog.” Is it actually a cat that we should beware of, or maybe…a kangaroo. Who knows what mysterious creature they have guarding this dashing, California establishment. If their intention is to prevent trespassing by evoking general confusion, they’re definitely on the right track with that sign.

* I got a message today, from a girl named Tiffany, that I think you guys should see. Here it is:

So my best friend and I decided on Sunday morning that we wanted to go to NYC for the day. We hopped in the car and 2 hours later we parked and breathed in a lil city air. We just left the parking garage and were walking down 5th Avenue when I saw this gorgeous girl in a black skirt and pink shirt (my fav color combo) getting her picture taken as she walked across the street. I said to my friend- “how fun! I wonder if she is a blogger?” Flash Forward to today when I stumble upon your blog and there is the girl I saw in NYC! I wish I would have been a fan sooner because I would have loved to have met you. I’m a fan now 🙂 Love your blog and love your style. So glad you had fun in NYC!

The shot in question is part the “On New York Time” post.  Now considering how huge and busy NYC  is, what are the chances of this?

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton beach dress by “Custo Barcelona”
  • Leather sandals
  • Sunglasses by “Missoni”
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14 Replies to “[ flower swimming ]”

  1. Oh, Wow, Lida. What are the odds! I would have been super excited!
    Love your bold print dress! Really lovely! Where did you have your photos taken today? I love the sea of flowers.

    1. These pics are still from LA actually. I have two more looks lined up from my time there, and then I'll have to start fresh in Toronto. I saw this flower bush beside a gas station where we were filling up and thought to take advantage – we are a little flower deprived in Toronto.
      Thanks for the comment dear Vicky.

  2. I love the photos and adore the dress…you are right, that “dog” sign is confusing! hahahah! Have a fabulous day!

    1. Oh Rachel, it really does add up. It's funny that you should ask that because I still haven't organized all my things since I came back. All of my clothes from the trip are in a messy pile right now in the corner of the room, and I need to get to it. On the whole, I'm pretty careful with my clothes (especially the designer stuff), but there are moments when I just want to think about anything but.

  3. Lovely and very cute summer dress!!!
    Amazing colours of lowers!!!
    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fresh and bright
    beautiful pictures!

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