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I’m working on a movie tomorrow where I’ll be playing one of the girlfriends of a mafia boss (lol, I guess he’s not big on monogamy – how cliche for a gangster). Anyway, it’s a period piece so I had to come in for a fitting this morning. As soon as I walked into the wardrobe truck I was “on cloud nine”; it was filled with racks and racks of gorgeous vintage dresses, shoes, and accessories. And of course the first question that came out of my mouth was, “when are you having the set sale?” Apparently it’s a little too early in the production stages for an answer to that question but – for those of you who live in the Toronto area – I will post its date and location as soon as it’s set and revealed.

I love the outfit that the wardrobe lady put together for me because it’s pure “understated elegance.” I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was coming in but after we finished I was more than content – my character will be the classiest gangster’s-girlfriend ever. I will try to take a picture of my outfit tomorrow and post it, if it’s okay with production.

* Don’t forget to make your submission for the vintage Dolce&Gabbana dress giveaway!

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton/silk dress by “April, May”
  • Purse by “Francesco Biasia”
  • Shoes by “Nicole Brundage”
  • 8 medium zip bangles by “Luc Kieffer”
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  1. Such an interesting print on the dress.Love the colours and the bracelets, i'll never get tired of your bracelets.The bag is also more than adorable, it seem like the perfect little not-black bag:)
    So, you work as an actrice?

  2. I'm new to your blog and became a fan right away. Your pictures are amazingly beautiful. You must have a professional photographer! 🙂 You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress. Where is it from? Thanks.

    1. Oh welcome Sahara. Thank you for your feedback. The photographer is actually my mom and I bought the dress at Century 21 in New York a few years ago. The brand is April, May and I think their stuff might be available online.

      Love Lida

  3. I love the photos from your shoot today…love the setting, outfit etc…. Congrats on working on the movie! I had no idea there was such thing as a set sale…very cool :o)

    1. From time to time there are some good set sales in Toront0 (most are so-so). When the movie or tv productions wrap they need to get rid of the wardrobe and props so they organize these set sales. It's sort of like a production garage sale where you can generally get things for super cheap. The ones that I've been to so far were in the Lakeshore area where the studios are. I'll let you know when I hear of good ones.
      Thanks for the comment Robin!
      Love Lida

  4. What a gorgeous dress! I love its color and pattern. Yes the sleeves are just cute! One question I have for you, Lida. How are you going to get the grass stain off! 🙂 I am referring to the 3rd picture from the last. Good luck on the movie. Hope they'll let you take some pictures.

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