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This post is in two parts and will be laid out similarly to Full Moon Shenanigans. On our second last day in LA, we continued to enjoy some of the best things it has to offer – its fresh seafood and lively beaches. Our good friend, Dima, flew in from Toronto to meet us here so while the boys played volleyball I immersed myself in my usual beach activities of reading and napping. In the spirit of enjoying the full experience, I would periodically walk up to the ocean in contemplation of possibly jumping in, but somehow my ambitious intentions were always reduced to just getting my feet wet and shamefully walking back to my blanket with my head down and a “maybe-next-time” look on  my face. A few more such cycles of reading, napping, and ‘feet-wetting’ and it was time to drive back to the hotel.

What I’m wearing:

  • Hat by “Marc by Marc Jacobs”
  • Cotton beach dress by “Marciano”
  • Cashmere cardigan by “Julie & Jack”
  • Bikini by “Agua Bendita”
  • Chunky chain ring by “Luc Kieffer”
  • Sunglasses by “MARNI”
  • Reversible cloth bag (beach blanket) by “Xpat”

In the evening, the three of us drove up to the Redondo Beach Fish Market for dinner and shared some delicious, spicy (of course), shrimp fajitas. They might not appear very appetizing on the picture (the place is not big on presentation) but in this case looks really are deceiving because the shrimp was “finger-likin’-good.” I think the peppers might have had an adverse affect on my friend’s brains (they can’t handle that spice) because when they saw an arcade on the way out they couldn’t be stopped. It’s funny because it’s so no unlike them. There were all these young kids and my two over-sized friends playing the same racing games…lovely. Personally, the driving I do in Toronto is more than enough for  me so I stuck to Deal or No Deal until they finished. In the end I won some prize tickets and as you can see, I had some beautiful pieces to choose from. A plastic flower pot or maybe a pretty dress for your doll straight from China. Yes, the decision was tough but I managed to find something truly worthy – sticker tattoos. Now I have something to adorn my back with the next time I wear my open-back Alexander McQueen dress to the opera; talk about a fashion statement…(lol) you know I’m kidding, right?

As we were finally walking out, Dima noticed the tiniest carousel in the corner of the arcade, and of course, they had to see if we could all fit. Well we did, and that carousel got a ride of its life. It must have looked like 3 giants in a clown car but thankfully all 4 of us survived.

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  1. I love white eyelets for summer, but orange is so much fun! I love your little beach dress. The food looks delicious, hope you've been enjoying your recent travels.

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