[ light silky violet ]

This might sound a little impromptu , but I’m in Los Angelies right now. I had to be here for the Revolve shoot anyway so we decided to arrive a few days early and get to know the city a little. I’ll be here until June 7th so all the posts starting tomorrow will be of the ‘LA variety.’ Today’s pictures are yet of another visit to the COC (Canadian Opera Company). For some reason opera always gets us hungry so following it with sushi has become something of a tradition over the years.  By the time this opera ended most restaurants were already closed, so we had to resort to Chinese food on Spadina. You know…to keep the class going.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “Anne Valérie Hash”
  • Necklace by “Ben-Amun”
  • Shoes by “Nicole Brundage”
  • Beaded purse by “Clara Kasavina”
  • 2 vintage rings (bought on dealitlive.com)
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18 Replies to “[ light silky violet ]”

  1. WOOow Dear I've just discovered your site AND I MUST say that I am truly astonished by your sense of day to day stylishness, as dazzling as uber-understated . . .
    ps: “Vavavooooooooomesques” shorts denim shorts + Classy prestance + KILLing BODY = Frankly What a seductive “GLAM equation” !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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