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I spent the entire day on set yesterday and while I wasn’t able to take picture in costume, I snapped some shots with my iphone in 60s hair and makeup. The clothes in the pictures are of what I wore on the way to set, before changing into wardrobe – casual and simple. After they finished with me in the hair and makeup truck, I spent as long as I possibly could in my own clothes because I knew that once that stretch-less, fitted, vintage dress comes on, that’s it for my sense of comfort. It was within this time window that this mini-photo-shoot took place. So in a way, by default, this post ends up being a marriage of the vintage and the contemporary; the old and the new.

Interestingly enough, this chance ensemble exemplifies my approach to vintage-inspired looks in a sense that I aim for fusion rather than complete recreation. For example if I’m wearing a 60s style dress I would be careful not to indulge in vintage accessories because that tends to look too dated and costume like. The balance is in ‘reminiscing’ rather than looking like you’re stuck in that era.

* btw, I don’t actually smoke, the cigarette I’m holding is kind of my prop. For those cigarette pics I was imagining a fed-up 60s housewife who needed to get out of the house.

What I’m wearing:

  • Tanya denim short shorts by “People’s Liberation”
  • Cotton / Cashmere top by “Opening Ceremony”
  • Straw pumps by “Betsey Johnson”
  • Tank top by “Joie”
  • Cashmere cardigan by “Julie & Jack”
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41 Replies to “[ reminiscent ]”

    1. I was featured for the one day as a mobster's girlfriend but there are no lines to the role. Thank you so much Tiffany for your feedback :).

  1. WOW can I just say that you look absolutely gorgeous! I love the hair and makeup on you! You have to let us know the name of this movie to look out for!!!

    1. Thank you dear Robin. I really like the way they did my hair and makeup too, even though it took me a little while to get used to the red lips. Every time I caught a glimpse in a mirror, I was like “what tha,” but it looked awesome with the costume and after a while I started liking it on me too.
      The production is called, The Kennedys.
      Love Lida

  2. Lida you look absolutely stunning! Like a young Monica Vitti! Red lipstick suits your colouring so well.

    I totally agree with your views on vintage looks. It's the same notion as mixing the high-end with the low-end: an outfit's just so much more dynamic and fresh if it has a bunch of different elements at play in it.

    Love, Alexandra


    1. Thank you. I don't think I would ever be able to recreate that myself because the hair and makeup team did such an awesome job, but I'll surely try :). Thanks you dear Marie.
      Love Lida

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