[ softening rusticity ]

My last day on set inspired a few of today’s stylistic choices. For example, one of the other “mobster-girlfriends” had her hair swooped to one side with a large chandelier earring in the exposed ear. It looked so retro and glam that I had to try it myself. I wanted to preserve the softness and lightness of this look, so I opted for a subtler silver, off-white earring, rather than a chunky crystal-encrusted one they used. In order to add some drama to the softness, I also tried the 60s liquid eyeliner look that was carried out so perfectly by the make-up team on set.

How do you guys like that old truck? I find its extreme rusticity almost fascinating. It’s funny how something traditionally thought of in negative terms, like rust, can be almost beautiful and precious when taken to the limit; I guess too much of a “bad” thing can be transforming…at least in fashion.

What I’m wearing:

  • Chiffon sheer top by “Marciano”
  • Skirt from “F21”
  • Leather heels by “Paolo Corelli”
  • Vintage-inspired bra by β€œSonia Rykiel for H&M”
  • 1 chandelier earring
  • 2 vintage rings (bought on dealitlive.com)
  • Silver multi-strand silver bracelet
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17 Replies to “[ softening rusticity ]”

    1. Thanks for the comment dear Robin. It is the Distillery – you're good! I kind of forgot about that place for a while even though I live about 8 minutes away. I forgot how beautiful it was. I'm glad we have little spots like that in TO. Do you go to DD often?

      1. Actually I frequently forget the DD is there but last time I was in Toronto with a friend from Vancouver, she saw it on the map and asked if we could go… that's when I saw the old truck and took pics with it! πŸ™‚ I plan on going more often when I return in August…I really like the atmosphere there. How about yourself, what areas do you like to hang out in the city? For me, Harbourfront, Yonge and Eglinton etc.

        1. You know it's been so crazy with choosing schools and stuff; having to travel to the States so much that this Spring and Summer I hardly got a chance to enjoy TO. I lived at Richmond and Peter (in the club district) for 2 years (before our lease ran out) this Spring, and when I did, I spent a lot of time on Queen St, and King St. West. Now a days, it's mostly Danforth for me (the greek area), simply because my parents live there and I'm staying with them before I move in July.
          I love DD though. The last time I was there I caught myself wondering why it is that I don't come down more often.
          Oh yeah, sometimes my friends drag me to Yorkville but that's very rare. Overall I need to get out more :).

    1. OMG, funny you should ask. It's not nearly big enough. I can't wait to move because if I squeeze one more piece of clothing in there I'm pretty sure it will burst. It's a definite concern of mine.
      Thanks for asking dear Ashorg :).

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