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Mon and I visited a strawberry farm yesterday and I put together this vintage-inspired kolkhoznitsa get-up to do some picking. By the way, a kolkhoznitsa was a female farm worker in the USSR. I had this cotton maxi dress for over a decade and only wore it once before when I played Ophelia in my first year of theatre school – I was one dramatic Ophelia. The design of the dress had always seemed so dated and costume-like to me that I couldn’t imagine wearing it for any “off-stage” occasion. But it is now over half-a-year into my blog and I have myself a strawberry picking outfit; it’s funny how much blogging expands your imaginative horizons.

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton maxi dress from “Club Monaco”
  • Silk scarf
  • Large leaf earring
  • Vintage leather boots
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36 Replies to “[ strawberry farm ]”

    1. Oh thanks so much sweetie. I just wanted to have so extra fun doing it – kinda pretending to be a different character for the day. I'm not sure why, but I think there is a lot of glamor hidden in farming.

  1. This photoshoot is awesome, I never thought someone could be dressed up and yet not overdressed to go strawberry picking! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks dear Robin, and it was so much more fun like that too. The only thing was that my mom did most of the picking and I did the eating ;). It was more of a “strawberry eating outfit.”

    1. Thank you dear Rebecca. The designer from montreal is pretty creative with those leafs. I have some other earrings from him but with rose petals. Pretty different.

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