[ swan princess ]

The premise behind today’s look is a combination of chance, circumstance, and planning. Initially I wanted the We Love Colors feature to be in two parts, with this being the second styling variation of the same dress. And this post still conforms to that plan, to an extent. Only when mama and I came back home and started selecting pictures for the post, we couldn’t help but see certain similarities between some of our shots and the “Swan Princess,” a painting by a Russian artist, Mikhail Vrubel (3rd picture).

What do you think?

*There are only 6 days left to enter the Dolce&Gabbana dress giveaway. All of the submissions so far have been so interesting and different, you guys are amazing!

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress c/o “We Love Colors”
  • Shoes by “Sacha”
  • Shrug by “Holt Renfrew”
  • Necklace by “Clotilde Silva”
  • Silver multi-strand bracelet
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31 Replies to “[ swan princess ]”

  1. Now I'm going to start calling you SP – short for Swan Princess. 🙂 The shrug looks so delicate and pretty. Yes, I don't blame you for relating these pictures to the painting. The shoes are awesome.

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