Alexander McQueen Ring GIVEAWAY

I didn’t mention this earlier because I wanted it to be a complete surprise. The final part of the tri-post tribute to Alexander McQueen is this giveaway of his awesome tri-skull cocktail ring (in gold yellow). See how it all comes together?  This ring is obviously more than just an accessory so I hope that its winner is a true fan of this great, now legendary designer.

Retail value – $255, true value – priceless!

*The giveaway is open to everyone and ends on July 29′10.

To enter:

1. Follow Fashionista Talk with Friend Connect or bloglovin’ (or both)

2. “Like” on Facebook

3. Leave a brief comment on this post

These are all the post where I’ve worn my tri-skull rings in different colors: Jungle Beat, Beach Bum, The Shell Game, and Sangria.

* The video draw for the Dolce&Gabbana dress will be posted tomorrow. Good luck dear fashionistas!

This giveaway is listed at All Things Bloggy.

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192 Replies to “Alexander McQueen Ring GIVEAWAY”

  1. wow! I am a follower! this is such an amazing giveaway! my sister is a fashion major at SCAD and absolutely in love with Alexander McQueen so I would def give it to her for her birthday coming up.

  2. I am a follower via google friend connect

    I “like” on facebook

    Having a piece of something from one of the best fashion designers all over the world is imply overwhelming and exciting! I am really hoping to win this giveaway.


  3. AWESOME! I always love when you wear this ring in your posts, I have admired it from your pics! I follow on google friend connect, like on facebook and can't wait til this draw! :o)

  4. I love Alexander McQueen and was so sad when he died…what an inspiration to the fashion world! I love that you have something that is such a signature to him, the skull! I love his skull stuff 🙂
    I am for sure already a follower of your blog and I like your facebook page!

  5. Holy coooow I am SUCH a ring freak. I neeeeed need need this! P.S. I absolutely adore your Tibi dress in the Jungle Beat post – so colorful and happy looking! I'm already a follower and like your Facebook page!

    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic piece by such a loved and legendary designer!

  6. Follow you on Bloglovin and just liked you on Facebook!!

    Not only do I love Alexander McQueen, but I have been collecting skull jewelry for some time now! This would be the perfect addition and I'm loving this contest – fingers crossed!!!

  7. Alexander McQueen is my inspiration as a budding fashion designer. I would be honored to own a piece from such a visionary. Thank you so much for making this gorgeous ring available to us!!
    – Gabby

  8. Liked on Facebook: Check, Following on Bloglovin': Check. I am also originally from the USSR/Russia and I am currently living in Philly, you're a great source of fashion inspiration!

  9. Oh this is wonderful! I have always really loved McQueen so this just made me excited.

    Obviously I'm following you already so I'll just leave this comment as my submission. Thank you for the amazing giveaway Lida!

    Love Alexandra

  10. following on both google and bloglovin!
    liked on fb under Seth Patterson!

    OMG! I hope I win!!!! This is such a great giveaway!!!!

  11. I'm a ring fanatic and been desperately in need of a McQueen rings or a YSL rings. pls pls pls lemme win! 🙂

  12. Hi, I liked you on Facebook and added you to my bloglovin blogs I read. I found your blog through LookBook. I hope I win this. It's so cool. I would wear it all the time.

  13. 1 & 2? Done!
    3. I just found you somehow and liking you so far! Although I do disagree with Armani's quote that you have on your facebook… maybe.

  14. I have been lusting over this ring for a long time. You have worn this ring in many of your blog posts and I truly love it. Nice giveaway, SP.

  15. I already “follow” and “like” you 🙂

    I think I would die of a heart attack if I won this ring! I ADORE Alexander McQueen. Thanks for putting up such a great giveaway!

  16. Love him! I used to work in West Hollywood and would just go to his store at least twice a week to admire the clothing, as if I were in a museum.

  17. 1. I'm a follower through Friend connect
    2. I liked on facebook
    3. It would be an honour for me to have this McQueen's ring. He's such a talented soul! 🙂
    PS: Lida, you look so gorgeous on the video announcing the winner of the D&G dress 🙂 Love you long time 🙂

  18. What an amazing opportunity to own a piece of fashion history. Thanks for offering this to your fans! I'm following on Friend Connect and I'm a fan on FB.

  19. Alexander McQueen, as inspiration to many aspiring designers such as myself. I'd wear this ring in his honor.

    Rest In Peace Alexander Mcqueen.

  20. I am a follower through google friend connect as well as I “like” on facebook. Your site is fantastic and always a pleasure to read. (:
    I will forever remember Alexander McQueen as a extraordinary visionary who constantly exuded originality and inspiration for all the fashion world to embrace and to share. As an aspiring fashion designer, to own one of my favorite designers pieces would be an honor that I can not express in words. Thank you! (:
    – Cambre.

  21. I am a follower through google friend connect as well as I “like” on facebook. Your site is fantastic and always a pleasure to read. (:
    I will forever remember Alexander McQueen as a extraordinary visionary who constantly exuded originality and inspiration for all the fashion world to embrace and to share. As an aspiring fashion designer, to own one of my favorite designers pieces would be an honor that I can not express in words. Thank you! (:
    – Cambre.

  22. I adore your Lookbook and your blog is one of my favorites(:
    Continue to post great things! <3
    This ring would become my most prized possession, i loved McQueen but have never had a chance to actuall OWN a piece of his work.

  23. I am so glad to have been told about your blog. Although i have been a fan of your lookbook for awhile. Alexander McQueen is such an inspiration to me and I would cherish this ring quite dearly. He definitely falls into one of my most beloved designers and I would be simply ecstatic if I was able to possess such a ring.

  24. Following on both.

    That ring is so so unique. His passing makes it even more priceless. A real statement piece.

    Thanks for the chance!

  25. Follow you on bloglovin and a fan on facebook!

    Crazy, crazy about this ring, is beyond awesome..of course is awesome coz is made by Alexander McQueen!!

  26. I followed you on Bloglovin and on Facebook.
    McQueen was truly an artist, this ring is so simple but complicated, and really out there but still subtle. I don't even know how to explain it. <3

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  27. Alexander McQueen is first on my wish list of little luxuries. So rock & roll!!… Crossing my fingers!!

    Found you on lookbook… love your style…definitely following now. Muah!!

  28. 1. done (with my blog called non plus)
    2. done (with my facebook)
    3. To be completely honest, I think Alexander McQueen was and always will be one of the most creative minds the fashion world has ever had. His vision went beyond “just clothes”, he had a whole world inside of his head, a world that he revealed to us in each collection. You can see how crazy I am about him, by just taking a look at my own posts haha.

    Anyway, This ring would mean more to me than you could ever imagine, for me it would be a piece of history and art right from one of my heroes. so yeah. haha I'll stop being a crazy McQueen fan. Have a nice one! 🙂

  29. 1. I do not have an account on Friend Connect or bloglovin’ 🙁
    2. done with my facebook profile Federica Cavaliere
    3. I cannot even decide in which colour this reng looks better *_* it's awesomeness in a ring shape *_*

  30. i've done everything !!!
    so i hope to continue my collection of Alexander McQueens' accessories!!!!!!!
    thank you
    one kiss from Milan

  31. Hey Lida!
    This competition is amazing!
    I'm really loving the new layout! Very CHIC!
    I've been following your chictopia and your fashionista blog for sometime, but had made it official today using Bloglovin'!

    I too liked your facebook page!!!

    I also must say that my world stopped when i heard the great Alexander McQueen died, honestly. It's so tragic, that we have to lose such a great designer at such a young age, i've been given a taste of his brilliance and now i want more.
    One of few designers to see past “just clothing” and re-affirm fashion's status as a TRUE ARTFORM! To own this ring would be a fantasy come true and fill the void left after his departure. Truly it would be an honour to posses an icon of such a revolutionary designer and artist.

    FB: Jolene Vuong
    CHICTOPIA: jolenevuong

    thanks for taking the time to read this
    and NEVER stop the posts, they are amazing!

  32. omg this ends on my birthday! thanks for the opportunity! all the rings are just lovely! i follow through googleconnect.

  33. I like you on the facebook (Joanna Psiursk*) and I follow with bloglovin'. Have a nice day!


    Joanna P.

  34. Love love love Alexander McQueen! You are simply brilliant for doing this give away. I liked you on fb ( Hannah Yim) and well, as you can see, here is my brief comment. Winning such a ring would mean so much to me. Either way you have my support!

  35. I follow you on ALL THREE!!!!! FB (Sydney Okolo) I LOOOOVE YOU I can't believe you are giving this away you are amazing! Winning this would be THE BEST!!!

  36. These rings are beautiful! I'm not one to usually wear rings, I only have two rings that I own that I find stunning. I think this would be amazing to own.

  37. what a clever ploy to get more much deserved attention! i've 'stalked' you on for some time now, because i love your look and because i plan on moving to toronto within the next year – your a great template for toronto style!

    …but how can you stand to part with part of the McQueen legend??

  38. WOW these rings are truly amazing and I can only hope that I would win them! I 'like' you on facebook now and of course I'm a follower of your blog. I love all your looks on and I hyped a few since they're pretty amazing. It's cool that you're from Canada too (I'm from Vancouver, B.C. :D).. anyways.. I absolutely love the rings and only a genius could've desgined them. Alexander McQueen is truly a legend and it's soo cool you have a tribute to him. I love your sense of style and your blog looks so chic!

  39. These rings are bewitching and beautiful. They shop what a true genius Alexander McQueen was and i hope that where ever he is the talent he had he can use.

  40. Follow Fashionista Talk with Friend Connect and bloglovin’.
    “Like” FashionistaTalk on Facebook.
    I love this stunning design of the ring.

  41. ow myy gossshh 😡
    1. following via bloglovin 😉
    2. like fashionistatalk on facebook (reni gergely )
    3. Alexander McQueen? Are you kiddin me?:o 😡

    really nice gesture:) god bless you

  42. It's one of the most amazing rings I have ever seen, no wonder, becausecause it's designed by one of the greatest fashion artisis. Wearing it would be the best opportunity to pay the tribute to this most inspiring designer in the world of fashion. Hope I will have the opportunity to do this 😉

  43. wow! this contest is absolutely phenomenal. Alexander McQueen was an outstanding designer and It would truly be a pleasure to win one of his rings. The rings are so simple, yet so intriguing. You are simply the best for giving away these rings (for pretty much nothing!).
    Thank you to the power of a million.

  44. Almost like a hidden gem…a piece that could truly make an outfit, not just jewelery, but a piece of art, taken from not only the mind, but the heart of such an inspirational man. Mr McQueen was the pacemaker for the fashion industry, showcasing his natural talent within his bold and brave designs, I personally feel that being in the presence of, let alone owning such a piece, would onhestly be a great privelage.
    Thankyou for giving us the oppertunity to hold his memory a little closer than we could have possibly imagined! 🙂 xoxo

  45. the ring is amazing! it reminds me of one of his last shoots with vogue, where hes smoking with a skull infront of him as a prop, such an amazing artist!

  46. I have just discovered your blog and it is amazing. I would love to win this ring in any color bc my friend's birthday is coming up and she would ADORE this!!!

  47. This is such a great giveaway! And you were smart in titling your lookbook pic this. I am officially following you and liking you on facebook! Thanks!

  48. Thanks to a tribute like this, Mcqueen never will be forgotten.
    He is no longer walking on the earth but his creation will last on every surface of it.

  49. First of all I want to apologize for my english, I'm italian and I don't know it well!
    Anyway, I'm a follower and I love with all my heart A.MQ! I've got a t-shirt dedicated to him and I would like to have one of these rings so much!
    Please, please, please 🙂
    Hope you understand me,


  50. I just discovered your website and it's truly fascinating.!
    And great to know you're in Facebook as well.
    Your style has a touch of softness and I love that.
    To own an Alexander McQueen Ring is absolutely a CATCH!!
    His designs speaks its own mind. 😉

  51. OMG i'm so glad i found this, I have allways liked alexander mcqueen, I'm a big fan of his. I was truly down when i heard he died. I would be so so so so so so glad if i would win this ring, like really he is my favorite designer. His creations are just fantasic. hope i win it.
    btw you have an amazing style
    xoxo Eliise

  52. Alexander McQueen was a revolutionary designer. His s/s 10 collection blew my mind. His sort of mockery was genius! I would be thrilled to be able to have a small piece of his work. To be able to wear it daily would be unbelievable.

    I recently found your website through LOOKBOOK and love it! It will most definitely be a daily read. A great place for fellow fashionista to be inspired. Your looks are so clean and genuine. I especially love your Alexander McQueen tribute. You have done him justice my dear.

  53. i <3 your blog! you are beautiful and i love your outfits. you have an ethereal look that is just gorgeous. i also <3 McQueen. Such an individual. It's an awesome ring! I'm following you everywhere, girl!

  54. McQueen knew where we were headed, always. He always took us forward, while reminding us of the past beauties. His work with patternmaking is so inspiring. He made the world more beautiful with each piece he produced. Thank you for this tribute.

  55. wow i loooove this ring!!! hope to win it soo much!
    i follow you with google and i like you on facebook (myriam sorbo)

  56. I followed you on bloglovin and liked the facebook group! Loveee this ring, it would go well with so many outfits! 🙂

  57. Alexander McQueen was a great designer, and just having the opportunity to possess these rings is great! *Fingers Crossed*

  58. Alexander McQueen was a GENIUS. I have followed you on bloglovin and liked you on facebook (Alexandra Marie)

  59. oops forgot to add my email address


    wow this ring can spice up any simple outfit!

    1. i followed your blog via GFC
    2. Liked you on facebook too 🙂

  60. Those rings are absolutely beautiful! My sister (who is also a model) is a HUUUGE Alexander Mcqueen fan and her birthday is comming soon! This would be a great gift for her. She won't shut up about it 🙂
    Please choose me 🙂

    PS, love your blog and you lookbook (i fanned you!)

  61. Dear FashionistaTalk,
    I've been following you for a while now, your blog and on LB. Love your style! I believe the shell necklace is my all time favorite, would do anything to have one just like it (well almost anything ;))
    The Alexander McQueen ring is such a perfect accessoar, dress up or dress down, it doesn't matter.

    Now following you on bloglovin and facebook!

    Take care,

  62. Dear FashionistaTalk
    Well I recently just started following you, and you have a wonderful blog, your style is impeccable and oh-so tasteful. I understand there's alot of people wanting this ring, but Alexander McQueen was an amazing inspiration to me and really encouraged me to follow my fashion design dream. I even cried when I heard he passed away. To me it would be the most amazing honor to own that ring and wear it with a smile on my face knowing that I own a piece from the legend himself.
    Cheers ! xox

  63. dear fashionistatalk
    this ring is absolutly amazing. i would be really, i mean really happy if i could wear it. thank you so much, i can't tell how awesome this giveaway is!
    thank you, again. 🙂
    xx, á

  64. Dear Fashiontalk,
    I love your blog! You have an amazing sense of style and it would be amazing if I could win the Alexander McQueen ring! It's a beautiful ring and I love his creations. He was so influential to so many people and to me as well! It's devastating that he passed away and the world will surely miss him. It would be an amazing honor! Thanks!

  65. I love your blog, and I was so excited when I found that you would be giving away an Alexander McQueen ring! For the past few weeks on twitter all I could tweet about was how much I wished I had one, and I'm sure my followers are quite sick of it by now. Having this ring would mean so much to me, Alexander McQueen is on my list of favorite designers and I would love, love, love to own one of his masterpieces. Plus, I'm on my way to study Graphic Design, and being fashionable in college isn't always easy ♥

  66. Alexander McQueen has definitely morphed into an icon. His tailoring is exceptional, and his eye for shape and detail surpasses those both before him and since. He is unlike anyone, and his passing still sends aftershocks through the fashion community. He is sorely missed by many and has changed the face of fashion and media all over the world.

  67. These rings are to die for! I love the desing and the colors. Awesome, edgy and Alexander McQueen!!! He's probably my favorite designer nowadays. May I have them please???

  68. hi, my name is christopher vincent and i LOVE alexander mcqueen. i will never forget the place i was when i found out he was dead. i almost threw up in english. i would love to have something that was dreamed up by him and would die to have a ring. i hope i am chosen. <3

  69. Hi, I'm Jamie Lam and I'm loving the looks you incorporated the ring into. It doesn't completely overshadow your looks, but it accentuates further into what you're wearing. For example, in the JUNGLE BEAT look, the electric blue furthermore highlights your blonde hair and fun print! In BEACH BUM, the blue makes the white brighter. I would love to get such a designer staple that I currently can't afford as a student. Not only could this ring make any outfit edgier, but it also appears sophisticated in a sense! I hope I win. 🙂

  70. Oh, man. I hope that whoever gets the ring realizes what a genius he was, and what a huge loss the art & fashion world has suffered.

  71. Ive been a fan of Lee Mcqueen forever! Iwas and still am devistated about loosing him. It's bittersweet viewing his collections. The garments are brilliant, yet its so sad to know that we will never get to experience his masterpieces again. The world was blessed to have such a talented designer that took fashion to a whole new level. He will be forever missed and loved.

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