[ Alexander McQueen tri-post tribute: Light Dusty Rose ]

Today’s post is the second part of the tri-post tribute. This dress has sentimental value to me because it’s the first, and thus-far, only garment by Alexander McQueen in my personal collection. I wanted to style it here in his memory as part of my humble little tribute to McQueen. I kept it simple and clean in the front and paired it with nude heels so as not to distract from the lines and beautiful tailoring of the dress. It appears relatively conservative and elegant at the front but the extravagant open-back design daringly defies this initial impression – with a bit of that shock-factor that Alexander McQueen was always so good at. By adding the Swarovski scarf necklace, I wanted to intensify that sense of contrast and glam. Elaborate headwear had always been such a significance element of McQueen’s designs that I tried to create a bold headpiece as an allusion to that.

I read somewhere that throughout his career McQueen was very progressive in his approach to sewing and tailoring techniques and that he hated seams and tried to have as few of them as possible. After reading that, I took a look at my dress and I noticed that there really are less seams and their placement is quite unusual. I bought the dress on ebay a few years ago, and I will forever cherish its every unconventionally sewn inch.

(The last two pictures are of similar garments from the same Fall 2004 collection)

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by “Alexander McQueen” (Fall 2004 Collection)
  • Nude heels by “Elie Tahari”
  • Headwrap (I put it together out of simple interfacing material and safety pins)
  • Long Chill Scarf necklace by β€œSwarovski”
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34 Replies to “[ Alexander McQueen tri-post tribute: Light Dusty Rose ]”

  1. Love this dress, and its very much McQueen…beautifully tailored but quirky at the same time. The back is amazing. You look beautiful like usual Lida!

    Love Alexandra

  2. You look just s*t*u*n*n*i*n*g! Wow. You are very lucky to be such a beauty. And you always look so natural and carefree.

  3. That dress is so chic!
    You look gorgeous! always beautiful Lida!
    Amazing look!
    Love your 1st and 5th pictures!!!
    those pics of You are much better then some fashion magazines have on first page!!!
    I am so proud of You! You are great inventor in your own 'LIDA MANKOVSKI” fashion style!!! You are mixing different brands and its perfect matching!!!
    I enjoy look at your pictures and looks!
    Mom is a professional photographer!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much dear Cristina. Yes mom is getting pretty amazing at it. I now definitely think she should have gone into a creative field instead of accounting, especially considering that she doesn't really enjoy it that much.

  4. Your mom is an amazing photographer and you pose well for pics and style outfits beautifully. Great job you two! :o)

  5. This is fantastic! The nude hues are well put together and well perfect. I love your head piece!!! I am in search of fabric to make one/buy one.

    All the best,
    Hannah Martin

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