[ Alexander McQueen tri-post tribute: The Visionary ]

How do you approach the sensitive subject of a visionary fashion designer tragically leaving us. This very question has been the cause of my hesitation in making a tribute post for quite some time. Somehow a single post didn’t seem sufficient to pay my respects to as great a genius as Alexander McQueen, hence my eventual decision to turn this into a tri-post tribute. But even now, I’m struggling with what direction I should take this in; falling into the trap of typing and deleting lines of text for the past ten minutes. Maybe in order to get out of this trap I will simply state what is at the very heart of these posts – fashion lovers will forever mourn your loss….intensely.

While looking through McQueens collections, I couldn’t help but notice iconic allusions to death and afterlife. Elements as easily associative as skull-graphics on dresses or horn-like pieces on the heads of the models, could be interpreted as his fascination with the subject. But I also wonder whether my knowledge of his suicide might have somehow perpetuated or at least intensified such associations. I fear that, as a fashion enthusiast, singularly focusing on themes of mortality in analyzing his work could be tempting but the outcome unavoidably limiting. For example, the eccentricity and flamboyance of his work could be easily argued as conveying a degree of playfulness and search for progress. No matter how you choose to interpret his pieces, the creativity that McQueen so generously poured into them will be forever appreciated by their wearers.

I will conclude this first post with Lady Gaga’s touching performance dedicated to Alexander McQueen.

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