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Yesterday I did some modeling for Foxy Originals upcoming catalogue and I snapped a few behind-the-scens shots to share with you guys. The shoot had a Burlesque theme to it so my makeup and hair was very big and bold for most of it. Unfortunately my sidekick photographer (aka. mama) wasn’t there to take pictures of me in wardrobe, so it’ll have to wait until the catalogue comes out. But one of the super sweet owners/jewellery designers of Foxy, Suzie, snapped this shot of me before we got started. The flash of my camera triggered all of the flashes in the studio and vuala…I’m a Burlesque librarian in heaven. Thanks Suzie and Jen for making the shoot so laid-back and cool for everyone, and that pizza was delish!

Happy Canada day everyone! I might wear a white dress for the day with some red stilettos…we’ll see.

* Only 4 days left to make your submission for the Dolce&Gabbana dress giveaway.

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    1. Hi. I don't really consider myself a model because I hardly ever do it professionally. My collection of clothes grew over many years and is more a product of my love for well made, interesting clothes in combination with my passion for getting good deals, a long-term obsession with fashion, and an open-mind when it comes to trying new styles
      Thank you,
      Love Lida

  1. You look amazing Lida! Love the look. And I am currently wearing a red halter dress and white shoes and chilling on the Sunshine Coast, so I definitely vote for you to wear the upside down version on the other side of the country! Happy Canada Day!

    Love Alexandra


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