[ funhouse mirrors ]

I spent the entire day running errands yesterday and this is the casual little outfit I did it in. I’ll be flying out around 4 and there is still more packing to be done. The posts are scheduled to publish while I’m gone so check back regularly because more looks are on their way. Have an amazing couple of weeks everyone. I will drink a mohito for every one of you.

What I’m wearing:

  • Shorts by “Marciano”
  • Jacket by “Marc by Marc Jacobs”
  • Turbanesque headband by ”PRADA”
  • Vintage leather belt
  • Top from “H&M”
  • Pumps by “Nicole Brudage”
  • 2 mirror brooches by “Marc by Marc Jacobs”
  • Bag by “Renato Angi Venezia”
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13 Replies to “[ funhouse mirrors ]”

    1. Thank you dear Robin. I'm just having a coffee before I finally step out the door. Glad i was able to catch your message.
      Have a great couple of weeks,
      Love Lida

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