[ palm trees and headscarves ]

Our first morning in Cuba was just as warm and bright as I had hoped for. We stayed at Melia Las Antillas in Varadero – an adults only resort about 2.5 hours from Havana. As soon as we arrived, our internal clock seemed to have instinctively switched to “vacation mode” because the concept of time seemed especially relative and unimportant – a mental state that in Cuba promotes both relaxation and…hunger. We kept missing breakfast for the first half of the vacation so our mornings began with a cappuccino or Spanish coffee and a brownie; talk about a well balanced diet.

This was my first day look of the trip. In the tropics I love vibrancy and color so I added the headscarf and the bright green earrings for a little boost of both.

Wearing: Marciano beach dress, Marni sunglasses, shell earrings, Luc Kieffer ring, Michael Santorini straw tote, straw Betsey Johnson pumps, vintage scarf, bikini from Dominican Republic

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22 Replies to “[ palm trees and headscarves ]”

  1. Love the vibrant colors on you! And love the way you used the white beach dress to kind of tone it down. Very nice, SP! When you said Spanish Coffee, do you really mean the famous Spanish coffee that I'm thinking of? The ones with Bacardi 151 Proof Rum?

    1. Yeah. My brother drank it all the time while I stuck to cappuccinos mostly. Have you ever tried Spanish Coffee before? They are huge on rum in Cuba so they add it to everything it seems 🙂

      1. Yes, when I was in a restaurant called Huber's in Portland OR last week. I was more intrigued by the whole process of making it than the drink itself. I video taped the whole process.

    1. OMG, thanks CRAZY!!! What are the chances. I even know what night it must have been – the very first one for us. We had just gotten off the bus in time for dinner and the show. Did you enjoy your stay there?

  2. GORGEOUS!!!
    Have a great time in Cuba, I loved it when i was there 5 years ago it is such an energetic yet peaceful place


    1. Oh thanks sweets. I know it doesn't seem like it from the posts but I just came back actually. There was no decent internet in Cuba so I'm posting all my looks from the vacation now.
      Love Lida

    1. Oh thanks Jade. I did wear it as a top once over leggings actually in the Apr. 21’10 post.
      P.S. I agree about the coffee and brownie thing. I think when it's time to indulge you should go all out.
      Love Lida

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