[ peach skirt remix (boho chic) ]

I hope everyone had a relaxing and safe Fourth of July weekend! Today’s and tomorrow’s posts will be of me styling this peach maxi skirt two different ways. Similarly to the strawberry picking dress, this skirt was one of those long-forgotten and neglected pieces in my wardrobe that I came really close to disposing of on numerous occasions. The main reason for this “hostility” had to do with my uncertainty  around how to to make it work and where I should “work it.” The following two remix posts are my way of finally settling these questions and giving this unique piece a place in the world.

For this first look I drew my inspiration from the bohemian or 1970 hippie flair. In combination with the flowy long skirt, the chunky natural jewelry, the headband, and the leather fringe elements on the sac bag, are all allusions to that relaxed, earthy aesthetic.

I bet that most of you can think of an interesting garment in your own wardrobe that was stuck in the same predicament as this maxi skirt. Well don’t let go quite yet because it might just be a central piece for a future look!

* It is the last day to make your submission for the Dolce&Gabbana dress giveaway.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk maxi skirt from “Club Monaco”
  • Gold strappy sandals by “Sergio Rossi”
  • Vintage-inspired body suit
  • Headband by “Priti Moudgill”
  • Coral/turquoise necklace (made by mama)
  • Grosi gathered sac by “Malababa” (in brown)
  • Chunky silver flower ring
  • Sunglasses by “Missoni”
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  1. Stunning, as always, with such a darling color of the skirt! I happened to get a similar color shirt, never thought pairing it with brown. Definitely will try later.

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