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I finally booked my vacation to Cuba for two weeks so most of this weekend I worked on preparing posts that will be preset to automatically publish in my absence. I leave this Wednesday so I won’t be able to answer any questions or respond to comments until I get back. I will be announcing the winner of the Foxy Originals Necklace Giveaway and the Alexander McQueen ring giveaway when I get back as well.  There is so much that needs to get done before leaving that right now I’m in this strange state of excitement and anxiety.

I wore this Fendi pleated dress for drinks on Church St. on Saturday. This look is all about texture, turquoise, and summer lightness.

What I’m wearing:

  • Pleated dress by “Fendi”
  • Patent leather shoes by “Via Spiga”
  • Paulette flap clutch by “Cole Haan”
  • 2 large metal bracelets by “Ben-Amun”
  • Chunky silver flower ring
  • 2 different turquose necklaces
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21 Replies to “[ pleated fendi ]”

  1. This dress is gorgeous on you! Have a great time on your trip… PS I love the new format of the website!

    1. Thanks so much Robin. I'm glad you like the new design and format. These are only the beginning stages and there is a lot more tweaking to be done.

      Love Lida

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