relaxed maxi

This asymmetrical, edgy cotton maxi is my go-to dress when I’m too busy or lazy to put an outfit together. I just throw this oversized baby on and I’m ready for the movies or whatever other relaxed activity I’m getting myself involved in. I’ve definitely put this dress to use in the past and I think it will serve me well when I go back to school but, as much as I appreciate its uniqueness, I never really felt that it was one of my own. All the deliberate little wholes in the fabric leave me feeling kind of sloppy. I catch myself finding one and thinking “What is this, I have to get it fixed” followed by a silly realization of “Oh yeah, that’s part of the design.”

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton maxi by “Religion”
  • Leather nude platform by “Marciano” (last seen in June 7’10)
  • Large leather bag by “Plinio Visona” (last seen in Apr. 22’10)
  • Long fish necklace by “Pellini Italy” (last seen in May 29’10)
  • Long fold necklace by “Pellini Italy” (last seen in May 18’10)
  • 2 large metal bracelets by “Ben-Amun” (last seen in July 11’10)
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