[ shoulder frills ]

So what do you guys think of the first phase of the new design? The change might seem a bit sudden but it has been in the works for a long time. My dear brother, Taras, had to put up with a lot of bugging on my part. He redesigned and developed the entire site from scratch and I’ve officially gotten my whole family involved in the blog. But as a result, some of the new functionality includes the ability to leave comments for individual pictures (as well as the post itself), the main page includes multiple pictures along with the larger, featured image, and “previous looks” are more visible. And this is just the beginning…I’m big on evolution.

* I know that there are still glitches with some of the functionality of the site but we are continuously working on fixing everything and making it more user friendly. Thank you for your patience and support my dear readers. I will really miss you in Cuba :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by “Marni”
  • Shoes by “Nicole Brundage”
  • Crystal bracelet by “Ton Pascal”
  • Beaded purse by “Clara Kasavina”
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18 Replies to “[ shoulder frills ]”

  1. This dress looks fantastic on you! I love the new format, I am experiencing come glitches with leaving comments on individual pictures, the images do not load properly for me on the screen… no worries though, I will leave comments on the main post for now! :o)

    1. Oh really. We were working on that last night actually. I will ask Taras to look into it some more. Thank you for your feedback Robin.
      Love Lida

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