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I went to my first California birthday party on Wednesday and I wore this light silk dress for the night. Its tailoring is kind of unique in that its main layer is a bodysuit and the silk skirt is sown overtop. It’s actually less complicated than it sounds and it makes the dress incredibly comfortable. I wonder why designers don’t adopt this technique more often.

*The first week of school was as hectic as I had imagined it would be. I can’t wait for things to settle down and for life to take on a more steady rhythm.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “Alberta Ferretti”
  • Shoes by “L.A.M.B.”
  • Rolls Royce Fold-Over clutch by “Marc Jacobs”
  • Large silver heart ring
  • Long Chill Scarf necklace by “Swarovski”

For my Russian Reders:

В среду я ходила на первую в Калифорнии вечеринку по случаю дня рождения моей подружки. На мне было шелковое платье “Альберты Ферретти”. Его покрой,  отчасти, уникален. Снизу вшит бюстье, а шелковая юбка пришита сверху и это делает платье невероятно удобным.

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24 Replies to “[ pale grey ]”

  1. Oooo, very pretty color and what a nice fabric. You wore this to a birthday party? What was the head turning ratio? 🙂 Really like the necklace too.
    Hope things will settle down for you soon. It’ll happen I’m sure. Have a great weekend.

    1. Lol, it was more of a family friend thing. They were people I’ve known since I was a kid and they are pretty much my only friends in Cali right now. They seemed to like the look though :). Things are finally settling down. I’m getting into a routine now that I expect to pretty much stay the same so things should get easier.
      Thanks dear Vicky.

  2. I love this outfit on you. I agree, more dress designers should definitely adopt this technique…. I hope all is well over there and that you are settling in nicely!

    1. Thanks Robin. I’m pretty much settled in but my first week of classes was crazy. I think it was just the accumulated tiredness from the long trip; looking for a place; and adapting to the climate. I definitely can’t say that the week went smoothly but I expect things to settle down now. Everything is finally in place I think.

      Did you receive all of your stuff yet that was being shipped over?
      Love Lida

      1. Aww well I am sure it will settle down soon. My things finally arrived on Monday evening, a third of it was wrecked and now I get to argue with the movers about claiming insurance on the things they broke. Fun fun fun! I am happy to have my bed to sleep on and my couch etc though so I can’t really complain! So any plans to visit Toronto soon!?

        1. Oh Robin :0 I can’t believe some of your things were broken :0. I always wonder about things like that – the soul purpose of your job as movers is to physically transport people’s objects from one point to another without damaging them and somehow they can’t seem to manage. And you pay for the service too. Go figure!
          I might be able to make my way over to TO during winter break…we’ll see ;).
          Love Lida

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