[ Winner of Beso.com Inspired Contest ]

Now that I’ve more or less settled into my new California apartment (love saying that) I can share with you all of my latest developments. Earlier in the summer I submitted a few pictures for another Chictopia contest. As it turns out, I  am one of the winners and Beso.com is featuring FT in their Inspired Lookbook – so exciting! You can check out the feature here.

On an unrelated note, I’m starting my first day of law school on Monday and I need to get through tons of reading already. I hope you are all doing well my lovelies.

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21 Replies to “[ Winner of Beso.com Inspired Contest ]”

    1. I’m kind of leaning towards intellectual property but I’m really open to having my mind changed. I think I’ll have a better idea after first year.
      Thanks for asking,

  1. Yaay! Congrats 🙂 I know you’re going to be super busy with law school, but please keep updating regularly! 🙂

      1. Everything is going well, still settling in as my belongings have not arrived yet but hopefully they will soon! Take care! :o)

  2. Intellectual property law is what I would have guessed with you going to Santa Clara. With all the developments lately with patent protection for U.S designers you could probably angle yourself to work in the fashion industry. Good luck 🙂

    1. Oh my god, you read my mind. It would be incredible to merge the two interests together. I will definitely keep the possibility in mind ;). Thank you Tracey.
      Love Lida

  3. Hey love, I hope you’re having a great first day at school! As you’re beginning with a bunch of work, I’m currently ending my BA this week with a ton of work too, so know that I’m trudging along with you!

    So proud of you for the beso shout-out, you deserve it!

    Love Alexandra

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