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I’m not sure if this is just my way of diversifying my wardrobe or if it’s an actual reaction to what is happening in the ever-changing world of fashion, but lately I’ve been gravitating towards colour skinny jeans more then ever (not a difficult claim to make considering that they seemed to have appeared on the radar around this season). There is something so fresh about this fit in vibrant colours that it almost redefines the perception of skinny jeans all together from tired and played out to trend worthy.

I wore my new colour skinnies with a simple silk top when apartment searching on my second day in Santa Clara. It was a little stressful because we were so pressed for time – orientation had already started by the time we were getting around to submitting the application for the apartment. Anyway, I think wearing these bright cuties might have energized me a little. When in transition, sometimes you need little visual reminders of the bright and sunny things to come.

What I’m wearing:

  • Necklace by “Grefi”
  • Jeans by “Blank”
  • Grosi gathered sac by “Malababa”
  • Nude heels by ‘Elie Tahari”

For my Russian Readers:

То ли это, способ разнообразить свой  гардероб или  влияние вечно изменяющейся  в  мире моды тенденций, но в последнее время, я тяготею к цветным  узким  джинсам более чем  когда-либо. Освежающая  красочность уже заезженного стиля ,  почти  реанимирует восприятие джинсов –дудочек и возвращает их в разряд трендов.

Я  надела свои новые  цветные «дудочки»  с простой шелковой маечкой на поиски квартиры, во второй день в Санта-Кларе. Напряжение было велико, т.к. занятия уже начались, а жильё ещё не было найдено. Так или иначе, я думаю, эти  яркие штанишки  придали мне немного  энергии, так необходимой  в поворотный  для жизни  период.

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      1. Nice! I have been meaning to check out that store since you mentioned it, I will definitely check it out some time soon!

  1. i have a pair ok pink coral skinnies from topshop that i wore all through summer and it was indeed a nice change, love the yellow thought!
    not sure i could pull it off as a redhead 🙂


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