my birthday!!!

I’m turning 27 today – a big girl now. Funny…I don’t feel any different. We were planning on starting the long road-trip/move to California today because I need to be at the law school orientation by mid-August, and I still have no idea where I’m going to live when I’m there. We’ve postponed the departure date for another 20 hours so it’ll be a b-day full of packing and planning. As is usually the case with us fiery Leos, I’m big on birthdays and try to savor their every moment. And as uneventful as today’s b-day is likely to be, I’m more excited than ever.

Thank you my dear readers and friends for being in my life and for supporting my blog.

*this is my second day look from Cuba

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk top/dress by “twenty8twelve”
  • Silk headscarf (thrifted)
  • Bikini by “Sugar Free”
  • Straw pumps by “Betsey Johnson”
  • Chunky chain ring by “Luc Kieffer”
  • Large clip on earrings by “Amrita Singh”
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27 Replies to “my birthday!!!”

  1. Happy birthday beautiful girl! I hope it was everything you were hoping it would be.

    Love and birthday wishes,


  2. Thank you so much everyone for your sweet birthday wishes. Reading them put a huge smile on my face, kind of like the one in the front pic!!!!

  3. 27 must be a great age. I turned 25 last March and I loved being a quarter of a century old!

    Life is amazing and birthdays are the best day of the year so good you get a random stranger, fellow fashionista, say happy birthday in all the languages she speaks!

    Joyeuz anniversaire, Cumpleaños feliz, Zum Geburtstag viel Glueck, Cumpleaños feliz!!

    Keep living AND blogging!

  4. Happy Birthday Lida, Wishing you the Best in your special day. God Bless,
    Beautiful Pictures, Your Friend the Photographer, Rafael Sanchez

  5. Happy Birthday Lida!! I'm glad to know it was a good one. Your blog is one of the very few fashion blogs I love to visit regularly. Keep up the great work!

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