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In the last few post I briefly mentioned what my school looks are like but I haven’t shown you any examples so here is my first school-look-post. A light dress, cozy cardigan, and a statement piece is my go to combination when I’m rushing out the door for the 9 o’clock torts or contracts class. Nothing like cashmere to make you feel like you are still in bed :).

*There are only two days left to enter the Tibi dress giveaway. I’ve noticed that some eager beavers entered their name more then once but, in the interest of keeping things fair, only the the first entry will count. Good luck lovelies!

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton/silk dress by “April, May”
  • Cashmere cardigan by ‘Michael Kors”
  • Turquoise necklaces
  • Large bag by “Calvin Klein”
  • Leather pumps by “Guillaume Hinfray”

For my Russian Readers:

Это  мой первый в этом учебном году образ, лук, наряд (всё звучит, как-то не по русски и двухсмысленно – ПОМОГИТЕ!!!) состоит из легкого платья, кашимирового кардигана и бижутерии, как акцента. Просто, лаконично  и удобно.  А ранним прохладным утром только  кашимир способен вернуть мне уют и тепло покинутой постели.

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12 Replies to “[ run run ]”

  1. I wish I could go back in time and dress like this in University as well! ThankfullyI went to university before the Lululemon craze but at the same time I had no sense of fashion during that time. Ah well! I can make up for that now I guess!

  2. lol, I do that too when the exam time comes around. We are only in week 3 so I’ll have to see in a bit if my lululemons will have to come out to play :).

  3. I study architecture and have to make models, do drawings,work with clay and glue guns and all that messy stuff! I would absolutely get such beautiful clothes ruined … and well there’s also mosquitos to worry about…wouldn’t like to get bites all over my legs! :p

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