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What do you guys think of my new twisty-bendy necklace? I found it in a shop on Danforth when I was running some errands in preparation for the Cuba trip. You can mold it into whatever crazy shape you can think up or even wear it as a bracelet or headband; the possibilities are endless.

This was my first evening look in Cuba. When packing for vacations, I generally gravitate towards silk (or it gravitates to me) because of its sensuous, lush quality. That warm tingling sensation that permeates the skin after a day of sun and salt water is later soothed by the soft, smooth fabric. If you haven’t noticed, I have a mild obsession with all things silk, cashmere, and pima cotton.

*I’ll be posting the next giveaway tomorrow. Can’t wait!

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by “NOUGAT”
  • Nude heels by ‘Elie Tahari”
  • Bending necklace
  • Silver multi-chain bracelet
  • Chunky chain ring by “Luc Kieffer”
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18 Replies to “[ sunset lush ]”

    1. Oh yeah, I that's cool. I'm always a bit worried with bending it too much though because I'm afraid it will brake. Do you ever wear yours as a bracelet?

      PS. I would love to meet up with you before I leave on Wednesday morning (we keep pushing the date of departure because there is so much to get done). But between finishing packing, doing homework, and making sure everything is ready for the big move, I'm not sure if I'll have time. They seriously got us doing homework before we even start orientation; I guess it's their way of emphasizing how mentally prepared we have to be to work our bums off.

      Anyway, If it happens to be that I overestimated tomorrow's craziness and there is time for a brake I'll let you know. If not, I guess I'll have to send you the necklace from the states and we'll meet up for coffees when I'm in town from school.

      p.s.s I'm assuming you read the previous message about me going to Cali this week because if not I probably didn't make much sense to you right now 🙂

      Love Lida

    1. Thanks :). I think so too but unfortunately the tan seems to be fading so fast. Ever since I came back home I've just been inside mostly and it's really not helping the matter.

      Love Lida

  1. Very beautiful! Love that dress color! necklace is amazing!
    S Dnem Rojdeeniem Lidochka!
    Happy Birthday to YOU LIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish you all the best! and you deserve all best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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