[ varadero heat ]

Things have been insanely hectic this past couple of days. While I ran around searching for an apartment close to the school, there was so much that needed to be juggled that I thought my head would explode; I’m pretty sure it didn’t though so you need not worry. It was my first day of orientation today and I really wish I were in the condition to delve into some juicy details but it’s one in the morning and the prospect of going to sleep is clouding all blog-worthy recollections.

On our third day in Cuba, Taras talked me into taking a cab into the city of Varadero for some cigars. I took about 1.4 seconds of convincing before I quickly changed into this open-back cotton dress and eagerly grabbed my camera to go.

What I’m wearing:

  • Cotton dress by “Diesel”
  • Straw pumps by “Betsey Johnson”
  • Silk headscarf (thrifted)
  • Sunglasses by “MARNI”
  • Silver necklace
  • Plastic flower ring (bought in Cuba)

For my Russian Readers:

В  решении  квартирного вопроса пролетело несколько дней. Параллельно с поиском квартиры  махимально приближенной к школе, приходилось решать целую кучу возникаюших проблем , так, что казалось, моя голова взорвется от напряжения. ко всему  этому  начались  подготовительные к  школе классы с  домашним заданием в виде чтива на несколько десятков страниц.

На третий день наших Кубинских каникул, Тарас уговорил меня съездить на такси в город Варадеро, купить несколько сигар. Правда для этого ему понадобилось всего полторы  секунды и мы, переодевшись в это хлопчатобумажное платье, захватив с собой камеру пустились в путь.

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8 Replies to “[ varadero heat ]”

  1. Gorgeous dress, Lida! I didn’t see it posted here, but where is it from? If you say vintage, I’m going to be so sad…
    Anyway, congratulations on the Beso contest win! You definitely deserve it 😀


    1. Oh you are so cute. No, it’s not vintage, it’s actually Diesel – doesn’t really look like their typical item right? BTW, I always list the brands of the pieces worn at the end of the post before the pictures. They are under the “what I’m wearing” heading.
      Thanks Neekoh,
      Love Lida

  2. Wow. You look so stunning here. Such inspiration for my upcoming trip. Though I think few people can pull off the headscarf like you can!

  3. Hellou im cuban is great you are in our country ive been reading your blog for a month and its been such a surprise to see you here, im living in Havana i wish you could come to old Havana since its a wonderful place for fashion photoshots, take care Yaima

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