vested interest

This is what I wore to class today. It got a little chiller the past two days so I had to give silk dresses a rest – albeit a very short one. I have a contracts mid-term coming up in a week so my posts will likely be a little short on words but I’ll do something special on FashionistaTalk after it’s over. Maybe an extra giveaway? We’ll see…

Love Lida

What I’m wearing:

  • Pencil skirt by DIANE von FURSTENBERG
  • Nude heels  by Elie Tahari (last seen in Aug. 18`10)
  • Large leather bag by NICOLI (as seen in Apr. 14’10)
  • Gold necklace
  • Knitted vest by Marciano
  • Tank top from Urban Outfitters
  • Men’s Rolex watch (of the Canal Street variety :) ) (last seen in Apr. 2’10)

 For my Russian Readers:

Это  то, в чём я ходила сегодня в университет. Вот уже два дня, как похолодало, таким образом, я была вынуждена дать шелковым платьям отдохнуть, хотябы ненадолго. Через неделю у меня контрольная по контрактам, я усиленно готовлюсь к ней и поэтому, буду немногословна, но когда всё это закончится, я что-то интересное придумаю на FashionistaTalk; розыграем новый приз или что-то в этом духе. Посмотрим …

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10 Replies to “vested interest”

  1. I love your outfit, especially the pattern on your skirt and the cute small vest. I’m an undergraduate student right now, and I really don’t know anything about grad school yet; but do gradute students are required to wear bussines attire? Is it like an unspoken rule? I’m just curious because idk

    Anyways thank youu, I love your blog 🙂

  2. I can never get over how chic you look when you go to class! You look gorgeous as ever, this is a perfect fall look for a warmer climate!

    Love Alexandra

  3. There are days when I only have class for a little over an hour (like today when one of my classes was canceled) or when I’m running out of time and have only 15 mins to get ready. On those days my outfits tend to be pretty simple – jeans, tank, and a cardigan is pretty much a standard. But other than that, I try to keep things interesting.
    Thanks sweet Alexandra,
    Love Lida

  4. In my school it’s more of a personal preference thing. I noticed that students in 2nd and 3rd year of school tend to dress a bit more “professional” but it still seems like a personal choice than anything else. When I used to see MBA and law students on the campus of my undergrad university in Toronto, they were always dressed in business attire but it seems like in California things are a little more laid back – or maybe it’s just our school.
    Thanks for asking,
    Love Lida

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