Alice + Olivia Dress GIVEAWAY

Fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes so I thought it would be a little unfair to have all the giveaway dresses in zeros and smalls. With this in mind, the last time I went shopping and was completely mesmerized by a dress, I got one for myself and for the next lucky reader. This silk  Alice + Olivia cuttie, by the name of Elyse, comes in size large and retails for $425.

The giveaway is open to everyone and ends September 31’10.

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For my Russian Readers:

Наконец-то, мои дорогие, Блог зазвучал по русски. Постепенно, надеюсь перевести весь архив. Ну а пока, вот какая новость для вас:
Считая не справедливым  розыгрыш  только маленьких размеров , моим последним  приобретением было это платье в двух экземплярах- одно для себя и одно для вас. Это  шёлковое платье  Alice + Olivia  имеет собственное имя – Elyse и первоначальная  цена  его составляла  $425.
Розыгрыш завершится   30 Сентября 2010.

Для участия в розыгрыше  необходимо :

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Желаю удачи!

Alice + Olivia Dress Giveaway

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40 Replies to “Alice + Olivia Dress GIVEAWAY”

  1. Thanks for the giveaway Lida! This dress is awesome because really, it could work for any size…could always be belted and whatnot. Hope you’re killing it at school, talk soon!

    Alexandra xo

  2. Yaay! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I already follow and ‘like’ you everywhere…I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂 xoxox

  3. Just one question Lida!

    The person that wins have to pay any fee or something like that when you send the dress?
    I mean, when the person goes to the post office or receive it at home, she have to pay any fee?

    Hope you understand my question!

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi. I think do understand the questions. You are asking about whether the person who receives the gift has to pay customs. That depends on whether you live outside of United States, which is where I’m living now. If you live in US there are no custom fees and there might be a custom fee when the item is shipped internationally. But I try to do as much as possible so that there is no fee. Things like marking it as a “gift” on the package and writing a lower value price. So far there haven’t been any problems with this.
    Thanks for asking.

  5. This dress is drop dead gorgeous and perfect for fall! I have a wedding in October to attend and this would be absolutely perfect to wear to it! Great giveaway! 🙂

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