[ falling into fall ]

Last weekend we drove to Santa Cruz for a little outing. I am slowly coming to terms with the inevitable season change and its implications (not that I ever had a choice in the matter), and this look is sort of a testament to that. The brown tones, the heavier shoes, long…everything. Mind you the fabrics are still super light so it’s more like I’m easing into fall.

Today a girlfriend of mine told me that it has been exactly a month since we started law school and, as crazy as the experience has been so far, I can’t believe a whole month has passed. Time really does fly when you’re having “fun.”

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk top by SPORTMAX
  • Linen pants by Elie Tahari
  • Tweed double platform pumps by MARNI
  • Leather bag by BERGE
  • Silk headband from Club Monaco

For my Russian Readers:

Постепенно я привыкаю к мысли о безаговорочном приближении осени с соответствующими ей аттрибутами и этот образ тому пример: тут тебе и коричневые тона, и закрытые туфли , и одежда подлинее, но заметьте – ткани  лёгкие и полупрозрачные. Если нам от  Осени не отвертеться, почему бы не войти в новый сезон »налегке»?

Вот уже месяц прошел с начала учёбы. Предсталяете себе?! Время, действительно, летит незаметно в …«забавах».

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13 Replies to “[ falling into fall ]”

  1. I can’t believe a whole month has passed already! Seems like it went so quickly.

    Those pants are amazing. Love the beach scenery too, and you look beautiful as per usual!

    Love Alexandra

  2. I know right. They say that the year is going to pass super fast too. We’ll see… I have a feeling that once it gets closer to exams things will really drag out because you know how it is, every second counts.

    Thanks sweetie,
    Love Lida

  3. It’s incredible how blogging about your daily outfits helps evolve your personal style. You have come a long way and now (as I see it) you dress in a more aesthetic way. I really enjoy reading and looking at your pictures! I mean that beach so beautiful!!!!! Blogging encompases a lot of elements like scenery, choosing adecuate information to blog about and not only posting random or comments, and I like the way you have done it !!! Congrats!

  4. Thanks so much Verov. That’s interesting that you think that my style is evolving because, of course, I don’t really notice the evolution myself. I’m glad to hear you say that though because I think that progress is important in all areas of life.
    Thanks for the encouragement,
    Love Lida

  5. I love the way you write, it really adds so much more to your blog and weirdly helps draw my attention to your outfits more! xx

    I would love to get your opinion of my blog 🙂

  6. Beautiful! I hate how the fall for fashion means black black black in terms of colors in the stores. You have put together this outfit beautifully…while the colors are more muted than the bright ones of summer, you have managed to make fall beautiful and not feel heavy and dark.

  7. Thanks Robin. Considering I’ve never been a huge fan of a full season of dark, heavy “anything,” I will try to keep some lightness in the fall looks – at least for balance.
    Love Lida

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