[ cardigan season ]

I wore this casual look for brunch last Saturday. Fall in California is a beautiful thing because I can pretty much wear a cardigan over my summer clothes and call it an outfit.  Its so refreshingly easy.

What I’m wearing:

  • Cashmere cardigan by Julie & Jack
  • Cotton / Cashmere top by Opening Ceremony
  • Distressed denim mini by Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Necklace by Ben-Amun
  • Men’s watch
  • Nude heels  by Elie Tahari
  • Large leather bag by NICOLI

For my Russian Readers:

Я надевала это в прошлую субботу. Осень в Калифорнии тёплая и потому я могу носить кардиган с любой  летней одеждой и считать это осенним комрлектом.

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23 Replies to “[ cardigan season ]”

      1. All is well, thanks for asking, just settling into my place…bought a fireplace and a TV the other day! :o) How are things over there?!?

  1. I love this look. It seems perfect for a casual brunch. That brights yellow is so beautiful!


    1. Thanks Sarah. I find that ever since I moved to California my looks have gotten more casual –> well, I guess that’s to be expected to a degree.
      Love Lida

  2. Love the colors. The necklace makes the whole outfit I think. Yes, southern Cal is one place you can wear shorts, boots and a cardigan and get through fall/winter.

  3. Hi!!
    This is the first time I read (and look to ;D ) your fashion blog!!
    You’re so classy and nice!! And your photos are so beautiful that appear to come from High Fashion Magazine!!!
    From now I’ll follow your blog (almost ;D ) every day!!!

    Hugs from Italy (and sorry if there’s any spelling or grammatical error!!!!)


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