[ in light of… ]

My finals are coming up in a few weeks so, as you can imagine, my life is pretty much dominated by four main subjects: (1) criminal law, (2) torts, (3) contracts, and (4) civil procedure. Yum! Anyway, this is one of my looks from Cuba which, in light of the present one-sidedness of my life, remind me of the days when I had the luxury of entertaining thoughts of aesthetics, visual harmony, and all that good stuff. I can’t wait for that luxury again!

What I’m wearing:

  • Chiffon dress by Marciano
  • Necklace made by my mom
  • Crystal/gold necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane
  • Shoes by Modern Vintage
  • Chunky chain ring by Luc Kieffer 
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27 Replies to “[ in light of… ]”

  1. Such a cute dress! I took a criminal law class and boy was it tough (our professor was very hard on us). Good luck on your exams! 🙂

    1. Lol, my crim professor is so scary. The second day of class he called on me and I was stuttering, my glasses were falling off my head, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Lol, it was so funny.

  2. Good luck on your finals:), I am studying maritime law, and I regreted to choose this course (it was an elective course in the Mastery) and I think the laws are very difficult 🙁 . Well I hope you do better than me … and hope to see more photos soon, this dress is amazing and commends your mom for such a beautiful necklace!

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