[ couture adventures of 2010 ]

I had some extra time on my hands today so I decided to put together this special “adventures of 2010” post. Basically, I compiled some of the couture I added to my collection this past year and juxtaposed my looks against the pieces in their element – the runway.  As a way of contextualizing some of what you’re seeing, I also included the location of where the item was worn. This whole endeavour was pretty time consuming so I hope you like it.

1. Jean-Pierre Braganza (dress) – Locations: Santana Row, San Jose
2. Denis Gagnon (dress) – Locations: Santana Row, San Jose
3. Zero Maria Cornejo (dress) – Location: Toronto (my b-day)
4. Alexander McQueen (dress) – Location: Toronto
5. Antonio Berardi (jacket) – Location: Toronto
6. Miu Miu (skirt) – Location: Toronto
7. Miu Miu (top) – Location: Toronto
8. Tibi (dress) – Location: Toronto
9. Proenza Schouler (jacket) – Location: Toronto
10. MARNI (skirt) – Location: Toronto
11. MARNI (necklace) – Location: Toronto
12. MARNI (dress) – Location: Cleveland (law school open-house)
13. MARNI (dress) – Location: Toronto (opera)
14. Derercuny (blouse and jacket) – Location: Toronto
15. Stella McCartney (dress) – Location: Toronto
16. Chris Benz (dress) – Location: San Francisco (law school open-house)
17. Zac Posen (blouse) – Location: Toronto
18. Temperley London (dress) – Location: Toronto (launch party)
19. Marc Jacobs (dress) – Location: Moscow
20. Marc Jacobs (purse) – Location: Toronto
21. Oktober (dress) – Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
22. Gucci (dress) – Location: Montreal
23. Missoni (dress) – Location: New York
24. Vera Wang Lavender Label (top) – Location: Toronto (theatre)
25. Prada (dress) – Location: Toronto
26. Prada (hat) – Location: Toronto
27. Jeremy Lain (skirt) – Location: Toronto
28. Carlos Miele (dress) – Location: Montreal (Valentine’s Day)
29. Bottega Veneta (dress) – Location: Toronto (theatre)

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22 Replies to “[ couture adventures of 2010 ]”

  1. Wowee lady! You style runway clothing so well that it often looks WAAAAY better on you than on the runway models! I used to think that runway clothing wasn’t accessible in real life and couldn’t be worn out and off the runway but you have proven me wrong wrong wrong. Your closet must be awesome! I would love to spend 5 mins in there!

  2. You are so beautiful! And I don’t mean that you are “just” veery good-looking: I think you’re a beautiful person. And I can’t help enjoying the every pictures of you 🙂

  3. wow, I love the accessibility you give the runway looks, really inspirational. Now, if I could only afford these clothes… beautifully done!

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