[ midnight silver ]

Ever since my last post I’ve been doing a lot of celebrating; the end of the first semester, the beginning of the winter break, friends visiting from Toronto, warm days, rainy days – they all seem like worthy occasions. The next bunch of posts will probably reflect this temporary trend so stay tuned.  I wore this Nicole Miller dress with silver flowers for drinks with a few friends from T.O.  It’s a little tight for dancing so we kept the night cocktail oriented.

What do you guys think about this picture format? What do you prefer scrolling or clicking?

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by Nicole Miller
  • Pumps by Modern Vintage 
  • Long Chill Scarf necklace by Swarovski
  • Silver crystal encrusted bracelet
  • Silver  topaz bracelet
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13 Replies to “[ midnight silver ]”

  1. Hi Lida, you look amazing in the Nicole Miller dress. Hope you are having fun in CA and school is going well. Have a great holiday! Oh, definitely like this format better than clicking. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Vicky. I love it here in California so much! Have a great holiday too dear Vicky and thank you for the feedback.
      Love Lida

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