[ fading ]

I haven’t been making posts for a little while because I was going though a… “difficult period.” I know that ending relationships can get complicated but…come on now. Does it really have to feel like the last thing I want is to feel.

These pictures were taken a few weekends ago.

I hope you are all doing well my darlings.

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk dress by Nina Ricci
  • Patent leather heels by Report Signature
  • Earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane
  • Crystal ring by Emporio Armani
  • Clutch by Sondra Roberts
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14 Replies to “[ fading ]”

  1. Lida I’m so sorry you’re going through a rough time. I know it never feels like it when you’re in the midst of a breakup, but you WILL feel better, probably sooner than you think. Just keep doing the things you love and try to make peace with the situation and you’ll be just fine soon enough. You’re a fabulous person and good things are bound to come your way, including new, amazing people! Hope you feel better soon lovely.

    Alexandra xo

    1. Thank you so so much Alexandra for your kind words. I never actually thought that it was possible to feel this horrible but I know I will get through it…one day at a time.
      I really appreciate you Alexandra and I’m lucky to have you in my life.
      Love Lida

  2. I am very sorry to hear about what has been going on, I know what you mean as I was recently there myself. It will feel better as time passes. I think you love lovely in this post and the shoes just reminded me that I have the same pair (now I have to find a way to wear them in the salty Toronto streets without ruining them)! Mine are black with cream piping along the edges of it…I had bought them in Vancouver to cheer myself up once… Take care lady xo

    1. Lol, the salt will probably ruin them. Thank you Robin for your message. It means a lot and I am feeling a little better every day … I think. Did I tell you that my parents are moving to California to be with me though. I can’t wait for this – I really am lucky.
      I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things so I’ll be posting more regularly now.
      Love Lida

  3. Lidocika, devocika moia. Takie krasivie i takie grustnie glaza. Vse budet horosho. Mi s toboi. I love you. I Vanea i Marusea tebe peredaiut privet.

  4. Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time, but just remember everything hard in life ultimately makes us stronger! love the pics!

    1. Thank you. I know that you are right – this experience is changing me immensely and I do think that it is for the better. I feel stronger already.
      Love Lida

  5. Hi Lida,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through a bad time. Know that you’re a gorgeous person, inside and out, and you’ll definitely find someone who deserves you. All the best – surround yourself with people and things you love, and you’ll get through this!

    And by the way, you look stunning as always! xoxo

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