[ illuminating (part II) ]

I wanted to thank all of the beautiful ladies who left me messages on the last post. Your kind words of support helped me put some things in perspective and try to get back into the swings of things – one day at a time.  I’m lucky to have you girls in my life. This was probably one of the most difficult periods I had to get through but it was also empowering and liberating in a way. Um, look at me talking about my breakup on Valentine’s day…how apropos.

For those of you who are in love, be good to each other and enjoy.

What I’m wearing:

  • Chiffon dress by YA-YA Aflalo
  • Nude platforms by Marciano
  • Bending necklace
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18 Replies to “[ illuminating (part II) ]”

  1. Gorgeous! You look so sultry/sexy in the last photo.

    Glad you’re able to look at this experience as an ’empowering and liberating’ one. Remember, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!


  2. This shoot is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love it. Congrats as well on the parents coming to live out near you, that’s fabulous! Make sure to come visit us folks up in cold Toronto sometime though! I am wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s day full of love, happiness and laughter. xoxo

    1. Oh Robin. I wish you wonderful Valentine’s Day too. Maybe you could come visit me in California when you have time and I’m a little less busy with school. Think that would be so awesome.
      Love Lida

      1. That sounds like a fabulous idea! I have many friends out on that coast (mostly from living in Vancouver). Have a beautiful day xo

  3. WOow you truly are uber gorgeous Dear !!! I am simply astonished by the way this floaty / flirtacious dress wraps your nudity and this caressing light emphasizes your silky / sculptural delicacy . . .
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Such a beautiful post Lida! Happy Valentines to you…I hope it’s still a fabulous one, and that all those that love you are there for you! You look gorgeous as always, and like I said before, I’m sure you will come out of all of this stronger and wiser than you already were before! Sending hugs from Vancouver,

    Alexandra xoxo

    1. Happy Valentines to you to sweetie. I’m going for dinner with my bother and a friend so at least I won’t be alone.
      Sending hugs from California.
      Love Lida

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