in time for spring

I picked up this simple little dress at a vintage shop in San Francisco and it has become one of my library favourites.  Conveniently enough, its fabric never seems to wrinkle and its loose fit makes it comfortable to sit in for hours. As the deafening silence of the library room and the double vision from excessive reading begin to shut down my senses, I can look down at the pattern of the dress and it completely finishes the job…leads to official loss of sanity :).

What I’m wearing:

  • Cashmere cardigan by Julie & Jack (last seen in Nov. 24’09)
  • Leather boots (last seen in Mar. 10’10)
  • Sunglasses by MARNI (last seen in May. 21’10)
  • Leather bag by BERGE (as seen in Mar. 10’11)
  • Dress by Blue Bird
  • Bangles by Holt Renfrew
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16 Replies to “in time for spring”

    1. I am feeling much better. Thank you Alexandra. I’m started to work out everyday and I just have a lot more time to take care of myself and read. I’m almost enjoying it :).
      Love Lida

  1. Wow ! its a really beauty with beautiful dress. You looks nice in this lovely outfit. The yellow colour shoes increase your leg value. The brown colour sweater really matching with this dress. 

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