[ la raza banquet ]

I really should be working on my memo right now so I’ll keep this brief. The La Raza banquet was great but the decision to keep the party going at a club is responsible for the horrible migraine I’m experiencing right now. Some guy at the club told me that I look like I just won an oscar…funny :). Ok, memo time.

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by Giorgio Armani
  • Emerald necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane 
  • Heels by Report Signature
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12 Replies to “[ la raza banquet ]”

    1. I bought it about a year ago at Holt Renfew Last Call in Toronto. But I actually saw it in the December issue of Vogue and it said that they are available at Barneys. I also so this necklace on ebay a few times. You could probably get it for a lot cheaper there too.

      Love Lida

  1. Aaaw BUT I am pretty sure that these “Party Girlicious collateral damages” (naturally) sound so understated on you Dear Lida (“straight supporting look”) !!!
    ps: This dark necklace faultlessly adorns your cleavage’s silky majesty, AND your RED polish nails do not fail to dazzle as such an uber appealing “bloody GLAMorous” twist . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

    1. You should. Statement jewellery is really fun. The key to making it work really is moderation with everything else. If you have balance no jewelry piece is ever too much.
      Love Lida

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