time and again

These pictures are from a while back when my brother and I spend a day at Santana Row. I couldn’t dream of going out for hookah or just chilling on a patio these days – it’s officially law-school-crunch-time. But I’m still enjoying it all…especially this beautiful California weather.

What I’m wearing:

* Cashmere wrap scarf by Donna Karan
* Pumps by L.A.M.B
* Crystal nepal ceylan topaz ring by Swarovski
* Dress by The Row
* Leather clutch by Steven
* Necklace by Mawi London

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6 Replies to “time and again”

  1. Very beautiful as usual! I wish I could come visit you in California when you have a break!!! Have a wonderful day Lida!

    1. I would love that. My last exam in on May 15 I think. I will be moving out of my place around that time but I think we could still figure something out before I go to Tokyo.
      Love Lida

      1. Ooo Tokyo sounds fun! I want to actually go to Italy in August but have done so much travelling this year that I am not sure I can swing it! May15th! You have less than a month left! That’s awesome….good luck with the exams!

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