[ I feel a change coming on ]

Even though I’m not on vacation per se, my days have definitely taken on a vacation feel to them. Ever since I came back from Vegas a few days ago, it’s been all about recovery and rejuvenation.  Celebrating the completion of our 1st year with my classmates in Vegas was a blast but it left me in a state of serious post-party laziness. I found myself having to soak in some vitamin D long enough to recharge my batteries. (Pictures from my last Cuba trip)

Wearing: knitted swimsuit, Betsey Johnson straw heels, Michael Kors Santorini tote, Marciano linen shorts, crystal earrings

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7 Replies to “[ I feel a change coming on ]”

  1. WOow so recovery and rejuvenation (absolutely) do not fail to decline themselves on such a sensually exquisite way with you Dear Lida !!!
    ps: your graceful sihouette frankly “epitomizes”  a certain (and uber appealing) “sculptural delicacy” idea I (shyly) MUST add Dear . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I love the white, it makes your tan stand out. I love the detail in the bikini and want a bag just like that…

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