black and gold

Toronto weather has been really beautiful lately so I’ve been keeping my looks short and feminine.  This light Robbie & Nikki blouse is actually an unusually awkward length; a little two short to be worn as a dress and too long as a top unless it’s tucked in. I love its sheer delicate chiffon and how it drapes over the shoulders so I was determined to make it work during my visit. Thankfully I remembered about my old vintage skirt and threw it into the suitcase last minute. The gold and black combo is timeless, classic, and easy to put together.

What I’m wearing:

  • Vintage skirt (last seen in Mar. 11’10)
  • Silk blouse by Robbi & Nikki
  • Belt by Gucci (last seen in Mar. 11’10)
  • Gold necklace and bracelet
  • Clutch by Steven
  • Heels by Pierre Hardy
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    14 Replies to “black and gold”

    1. WOow this bunch of Black § Gold  (paired with such sensuous play of transparency)  perfectly suit your classical Beauty, AND about your heels I (shyly) must add that this hysterical arch (absolutely) does not fail to be  “Fetishistically” appealing Dear Lida !!!

      a presto, Antoine

    2. It was lovely meeting up with you yesterday lady! I still need you to revamp my closet sometime…better yet I will throw it all out and when in Cali we can start my wardrobe from scratch! ;o)

      1. 🙂 I love hearing you say “when in Cali.” Ha, ha, in terms of your wardrobe though, we could do whatever you like but either way I definitely want to be in on it :).  
        Love Lida
        PS. when I go to Niagara I’ll be thinking of you cause I know how much you love visiting it. 🙂 

        1. Oh yes! hahahah I need to get in my 6 visits a year again! 😛 Have a great time in Niagara!…and YES YES YES can’t wait re: the closet thing

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