first day in Japan

Arrived in Tokyo, and took my first and last cab ride to the hotel. 24,000yen is way too expensive for a student’s budget! Felt like my stress level was rising with the meter!!! And, since I measure everything in dresses that works out to about two I just lost forever. These pics are from a rainy daytrip to Kamakura where the Great Buddha, and several shrines are located. A lot of walking, but well worth it. Coincidently, the last time I wore this dress was in L.A. and I ended up hiking barefoot in the mud. More pics from more places to come.

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by Mint
  • Flip flops by Versace
  • Gold necklace and bracelet
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7 Replies to “first day in Japan”

  1. This is really cool! Thank you for the pictures! We were waiting for the pictures from Japan all this time. Mama is very impressed with the resolving power and detail rendering of the camera lens. Carl Zeiss is still going strong! I have an even better Kerman lens now. It is a Leica, but it gives a bit different feel to the pictures. CZ gives very realistic and balanced look with high resolution and somewhat tamed contrast. The Leicas usually have an interesting “silky” smooth quality to them which is very nice, making it more an eye candy.

    Keep them coming

  2. Great photos Lida! I wish I was there in Japan exploring with you! I have never been and always wanted to go. Were the pics taken with the new more compact camera? I am in the market for an inbetween one…not a point and shoot or a professional one but something small enough to carry around…

    1. I wish you were here too! Yes I took the pics with that camera you saw. It’s pretty good actually considering its size.  And it takes good pics at night, which isn’t that common for the little ones. Hope you had an awesome time in Florida. 
      Love Lida

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