[ runway to life: my soup ]

I should be working on my take home exam for professor Taniguchi but instead I’m blogging and watching Californication. What is it that they say about procrastination again? Ha, I just realized that I’m sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo while watching a show about California and making one the most Canadian posts ever – kind of ironic. These pictures were taken in Niagara and I’m wearing a dress by a Canadian designer Denis Gagnon. Interestingly enough, the paper that I’m supposed to be writing is premised on the metaphor of the Japanese legal system as a “soup” – with its many influences being ingredients that “create the basic stock underlying a more complex creation to follow” (words of Professor Marc Levin). Anyway, this post is something of a soup…a mixture of ingredients.

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by Denis Gagnon
  • Rose sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti
  • 4 large zip bangles by Luc Kieffer
  • Tri-skull ring by Alexander McQueen 
  • Aviators by Gucci
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