From pale pink light, I’m coming through in black and white

Something interesting happened to me a few hours ago.  It was insanely hot today so a few of us took it easy, ate some pizza, and walked around Hirajuku (a trendy shopping area in Tokyo).  To make the story short, I ended up being interviewed for a Japanese TV show which should be airing next Tuesday. Lol, I’m sure it’s going to be “amazing” considering that my grasp of the Japanese language is impeccable at the moment, that is I speak about five words. My friend from class acted as an impromptu translator and the questions focused on what westerners think of palm reading. The whole thing was pretty random…but fun.  On another note, these pictures were taken in Toronto when I met up with my beautiful, fashionista friend, Chandra for lunch.

What I’m wearing:

  • Shorts from H&M
  • Silk blouse by Milly (last seen in June 24’10)
  • Bra by Sonia Rykiel for H&M
  • Bracelet (gift from Ksusha)

My sweet Chan

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    1. Lol, yeah. I didn’t say anything of substance really.They just asked me questions about whether I believe in it and what people think about it in Canada. I was like, “sure i believe.” My answers were short because i didn’t want my poor translator to have a hard time. 
      Love lida

  1. Hello! I loved your style and I’d like to subscribe by RSS, but i just can’t find it! And adding your adress on google reader doesn’t work. Could you please help me? Thanks! 😀

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