toronto breeze

Toronto to Tokyo and at the subways again.  The fashion in Tokyo is amazing, so diverse (pics coming soon.)  These pics are from a daytrip in Toronto with my bestie Alissa and her beautiful baby. I love Alissa’s flowy maxi wrap skirt. It’s perfect for a summer day where it’s too cold for a short or leg-baring skirt but a little too warm for pants. I especially love the bohemian, hippie-esque vibe of this style.


What I’m wearing:

  • Dress by Alice + Olivia
  • Necklace by Phillip Lim (last seen in June 5’11)
  • Sunglasses by Chloe (Alissa’s)
  • 2 bracelets by Marni
  • Rose sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti (last seen in June 5’11)
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11 Replies to “toronto breeze”

  1. Mmh so I must say that this Fashionistas’ duet (absolutely) does not fail to make blow a (so refreshing) wind of Refinement and Delicacy on subway territory  Dear !!!!

    a presto, Antoine

    1. Really. I’ve been wearing them pretty regularly this summer. I usually bring them in my bag when I’m wearing heels just incase I end up walking a lot and want to take it easy for a bit. Thanks for your feedback. 

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