with the girls

In law school I spent so much time with my guy friends that I couldn’t wait to be with the girls in Toronto. This visit back home is shaping out to be primarily about this and I’m loving every second of it. My recent summer looks have been accessories heavy. I noticed a little pattern emerging – the more fun I’m having the more accessories I tend to wear…at least when I’m with the girls :).

What I wore with Alissa and Olessia:

  • Aviators by Gucci (last seen in Apr. 2’10)
  • Symmetrical origami fold necklace by Phillip Lim
  • Dress by Greta Constantine (Spring 2010)
  • Rose sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti
  • 4 leopard print silk pleated bangle by Ted Rossi
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6 Replies to “with the girls”

  1. WOow “Triple dose of Sexy Freshness in motion” !!!
    ps: Dear Lida, I (shyly) MUST add that I vote FOR the way your “ancient vestal-like” dress (as subtly as sensuously)  gives the illusion to wrap your nudity, without any kind of hesitation  . . .

    a presto, Antoine

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