[ placido domingo ]

I’m in Korea and I’ve started my law firm clerkship in central Seoul!  Our law school arranged for their students to live in a dormitory of a university, which was fine except for an unexpected twist – the dorm has a curfew. Doors automatically lock at 12 a.m. at which point there is absolutely no way of getting in or out. Naturally, all of the American students are appalled by the idea and can’t wait to find a less “unreasonable” arrangement.  So after work, our time is consumed by the task of apartment searching.  In terms of my fashion related observations, there seems to be a general inclination amongst Korean girls towards light blouses, and loose, linen, naturally-died, layered tops with simple hemming and boho-esque silluettes. Their looks tend to be very feminine and soft.

These pictures were taken in Toronto where I had the intense pleasure of seeing Placido Domingo in concert –  an unforgettable experience.

Pictures from Korea coming soon.

What I’m wearing:

  • Velvet dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Satin-covered wedges by Badgley Mischka
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2 Replies to “[ placido domingo ]”

  1. Fantastic! I missed you so much! It is  nice to have a morning coffee, read your blog   and see your pretty face in my little computer. Never enough of you. 
    Love mama. 

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